After the investment mogul Tim Draper he said that Bitcoin can reach the price of 250,000 dollars by 2022, Brian Kelly supported this forecast yesterday


In response to the question about high forecasts Draper , Kelly replied that though it sounds crazy when you consider that BTC already has 4tys ., percent refund in two years, a 3 percent return in four years can be continuation of the trend

Kelly continues, noting the increase in institutionalized money in the sphere cryptocurrency – arm Rockefeller’s VC Executive Goldman Sachs and Soros Fund Management – maybe weaken volatility cryptocurrency , making them easier to use as real currencies, which makes it take four years (rather than two) to reach the one suggested by Draper price point on 2022, it is real.

At the moment the most common use case cryptocurrency in Kelly’s opinion, there are citizens of countries where there are no reliable governments or banking systems. After hearing why someone would risk losing 20 percent or more of the investment kryptowalutowych , Kelly replied: Well, it’s better than losing 100 percent if your assets are taken over by a dishonest government or by the bankruptcy of a bank that lives on your behalf. ”

Asked about how cryptanalysis is analyzed fundstrata , carried out by Tom Lee, before the tax date, was the cause of the market decline since the beginning of the new year, with the proviso that about two the third volume of the crypto market is located in Asia (and therefore has no effect on the United States day tax ) , Kelly described the tax sale as only fuel at the top market trend.

According to Kelly, the parabolic gear as well as the decline in the transaction, as well as the fact that Mt. gox sells everything that has contributed to the market decline.

The key point in which Bitcoin reaches 250tys . dollars until 2022 or 25tys ., dollars by 2018, is increasing the volume of transactions.

This week a hedge fund Crypto Pantera Capital predicted that BTC would reach again 20tys . dollars by the end of this year.