Artificial intelligence has learned to create animations for the Flinstones

A team of scientists has taught artificial intelligence to create animated scenes for one of the classic cartoons.

Creating animations for cartoons is time-consuming, and very much. This is confirmed even by the creators of Rick and Morty or Futurama. That is why it would be worth to involve in the process … computers.

Researchers from the University of Illinois in Urban and Champaign and the Institute of Artificial Intelligence Allen created a system based on artificial intelligence – Craft – which automatically creates scenes for well-known Flintstones, based on text descriptions. The system was trained with the help of over 25,000 clips from the classic animated series. Each of the clips contained descriptions that told what was happening at the moment and who was on the screen.

The end result is far from ideal, but certainly deserves attention. Although artificial intelligence usually works well, it sometimes “hurts” the results. It is worth noting that Flinstones are a relatively simple cartoon – the animation is not very dynamic and happens against a static background. SI would have much bigger problems when working on a series featuring a more dynamic artistic style.

Craft shows how one of the most interesting applications for artificial intelligence could look like. Who knows if a cartoon will ever be created, which animations would be fully created by AI. Perhaps this would lead to job reductions and reduced creativity, but on the other hand, animators could focus on creating more content.


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