The Swedish government has an ambitious plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere by as much as 70 percent. One of the projects to help this is eRoadArlanda. As part of it, a test, 2-km e-road section was built and just put into operation.

Vehicles moving on it can be powered by electricity or charge their batteries through a special rail mounted in the middle of the lane. Swedish engineers say that this solution is very practical in operation, safe and resistant to all weather conditions, including rain and snow.

The government plans to modify 20,000 kilometers of national roads for e-roads. Thanks to this solution, the limitations related to the low capacity of batteries in electric vehicles and a small number of stations will become a secondary matter. Most importantly, smaller batteries are cheaper to buy electric vehicles and greater interest in them.

Of course, transport vehicles will most often use e-roads because they are responsible for the highest greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere, and it is in their case that you can count on huge savings.

Specialists calculate that the transformation of the most-frequented roads in the country to such an e-road will consume nearly 10 billion dollars, but the game is worth the candle, because the government wants to do everything to stop the global warming.

Source: The Guardian / Photo eRoadArlanda