During the yesterday’s attack of the coalition on Syrian objects used for research on chemical weapons and its production, an intelligent and powerful weapon was used, which has only four countries in the world, including Poland. This is JASSM maneuvering missiles. They were fired from the US B1-B Lancer heavy bombers.

These are missiles with reduced detection, have a range of 370 and 1000 kilometers, carry a warhead weighing 450 kilograms and use infrared sensors to track their targets.

imageddosyrattakgpgqogl5641 Damaged warehouses in which chemical weapons were stored. Fig. Digital Globe.

During the last attack, 19 JASSM missiles were used. They aligned the research center in Barzah with the ground. JASSM-ER passed their baptism in Syria. Based on the satellite images presented by Planet, we can assess that they have completed the mission entrusted to them perfectly.

At the moment, Poland has 40 JASSM missiles with a range of up to 37 kilometers. Recently, the US Department of State issued a consent to deliver to Poland another 70 pieces of missiles, but this time in the ER version, i.e. with a range of up to 1000 kilometers.

imageddosyrattakgpgogl56413 Destroyed research center on chemical weapons. Fig. Planet.

JASSM will be carried on the F-16 fighters. Outside of Poland and the US, these missiles are only equipped with the Australian and Finnish Air Forces.

Source: GeekWeek.pl/CNN/ TVP Info / Photo Planet / Digital Globe