Robots equipped with artificial intelligence will change our lives beyond recognition. The best example of the fact that the vision is being realized right before our eyes can be the technology developed by engineers from the University of Washington and Allen Institute for AI, which is created by Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen.

The specialists wanted to create an artificial intelligence algorithm for use in robots, reacting like a real dog. The experiments were based on malamuta. The animal is equipped with a GoPro camera, microphone, motion sensors and an Arduino computer.

5acf5f3f04bc8rwrwrwr Artificial intelligence learns to be a dog. Fig. Allen Institute for AI.

AI kept an eye on the animal’s movements and tried to predict future behavior to become a real dog. It turns out that she managed it perfectly, much better than the engineers assumed.

During the experiment, 24,500 frames of the film were recorded, which were later synchronized with the sound and movements of the dog’s body.

Researchers now want to transfer their technology to a dog-robot, in practice, to see if it will actually behave like a live dog. Can you imagine using the Spot Mini robot from Boston Dynamics for this task ?!

Source: Tech Xplore / Photo Allen Institute for AI / Boston Dynamics