A leaked message in which Apple instructs employees about leaks

Apple employees received a memo from the company management, in which they were warned about the consequences of disclosing confidential information. The issue of time was the leak of this note – and finally it came.

Apple sent a business note to its employees, in which the company bluntly told them to stop disclosing confidential information. Then there was … leak of this message. Well, how can you not laugh here?

Secret information about Apple’s activities, achievements, as well as future products or software are revealed by direct employees of the company, such as contractors or suppliers. In an emphatic message, Apple describes the efforts he is making to stop spills. The company emphasizes that people who leak out are punished accordingly. She claims that last year, 29 people caught disclosure of confidential data, 12 of whom were arrested.

Here’s how the part of the note reads: “Leakers not only lose their jobs at Apple. In some cases, they face imprisonment for network burglaries or theft of trade secrets. Both acts are classified as federal offenses. […] Everyone comes to Apple to do the best job in their life – a job that matters and contributes to what makes all 135,000 people in the company together. The best way to honor this contribution is not to disclose secret information.

To avoid future spills, Apple urges employees to be cautious with journalists and the media who may try to make friends with them just to get confidential information from them.

As you can see, Apple makes it clear to everyone that he can not tolerate leaks. The company even declares that when the person responsible for the leak is dismissed, he or she does everything to make it impossible to find a job elsewhere. However, we are curious if the company has ever made a deliberate leak. We would not be surprised if that was the case.

Source: Bloomberg

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