Samsung to overestimate Galaxy S7 – is it worth buying?

Samsung has launched a two-week promotion, under which you can still buy a very popular smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 at an attractive price. Is it worth doing?

As part of the latest promotion, the Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone will be available in the price of PLN 1600. The special offer can be used through Samsung’s authorized partners, starting from April 13. The promotion is limited in time and will last until April 29.

Is it worth buying the Samsung Galaxy S7 in 2018?

In my opinion, in the case of the absolute majority of Poles, the answer is unambiguous: YES. Despite the passage of 2 years from the launch, Galaxy S7 still has components that allow it to run extremely smoothly both at the software level and 3D games. Galaxy S7 still makes really nice photos, and this is an extremely important factor for many people looking for a smartphone. The smartphone is waterproof (IP68 certificate) and its screen is protected with Gorilla Glass 4. It is of course a device free of defects. Samsung Galaxy S7 promocjaSamsung Galaxy S7 uses Android 7.0 and Android 8.0 will not get. Unfortunately, the device is not supported by Samsung. Battery life is also not phenomenal, but in the case of flaggers it has always been a norm. Samsung Galaxy S7 promocjaAt the price of PLN 1,600, this is certainly an interesting proposition and a reasonable alternative to other low-cost flagships, such as the LG G6.

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