It is known from today that Elon Musk, the head of, among others Tesla and SpaceX companies, warns the world against the risks associated with the uncontrolled development of artificial intelligence technology and postulates to create appropriate regulations, so that this problem will go to the past.

Unfortunately, neither the governments of the countries nor the technology companies pay attention to any restrictions and work intensively on such systems, as shown by the statements of the heads of the world powers and the activities of some famous institutes ( see here ).

Musk has repeatedly announced that if we do not control AI, sooner or later it will lead to the destruction of humanity. On Twitter, he placed an entry yesterday in which he encourages you to watch the latest documentary about the intriguing title of “Do You Trust This Computer?” ( see here ).

He himself and other well-known people, including Poles, are embracing a vision of the world of super-intelligent machines there. They will change our life unrecognizable, but this will also involve great threats. Musk dedicates this production from himself to the memory of Stephen Hawking, who also warned us about advanced machines.

The documentary was directed by Chris Paine, and the script was written by Mark Monroe, the screenwriter of another famous documentary “Ikar” about doping in the world of sport and the award-winning Oscar “Dolphin Bay”.

Until tomorrow (April 8) you can watch the movie online for free. We highly recommend it! ( see here ).

Source: deadline / Photo PxHere