Apple hires Google’s Chief of Search and Artificial Intelligence John Giannandrea

Apple hired John Giannandrea. He retires from his position as Chief of Search and Artificial Intelligence at Google today to join Apple.

Siri gets new boss

As the New York Times Apple reported that it was able to secure the services of an artificial intelligence expert. There is none other than John Giannandrea, Chief of Search and Artificial Intelligence at Google, who moves to the manufacturer from Cupertino. There, Giannandrea will lead the machine learning and artificial intelligence team. The new employee reports directly to Tim Cook.

In an internal email shared with NYT colleagues, Tim Cook highlights the skills of John Giannandrea.

“John shares our commitment to privacy and our thoughtful approach as we make computers even smarter and more personal. Our technology has to be filled with the values ​​we all care about, “says Cook.

In recent months, Apple has been criticized for the capabilities of Siri. Among other things, it was said that Apple’s voice assistant lags behind behind Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. At Google, Giannandrea was responsible for implementing artificial intelligence on numerous products (Google Search, Gmail, Google Assistant, etc.). Prior to his ten-year tenure at Google, Giannandrea served as chief technology officer at Metaweb, a startup that Google bought.

Apple has not only recently hired new staff for Siri, but also smaller companies (most recently e.g. ) to improve the language assistant. Currently looking for Apple more engineers than ever for his language assistant. If Apple succeeds in retaining Giannandrea for a longer time, this represents an absolute asset to the company.

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