Jabra Speaker Sneaker is a sneakers with speakers or a speaker with a shoe

Jabra Speaker Sneaker are sneakers equipped with loudspeakers designed to provide the right musical experience, also with intense traffic.

Jabra announced the launch of the Jabra Speaker Sneaker, the world’s first stereo loudspeaker with voice-assisted hearing system installed in footwear. Detachable loudspeakers ensure good sound quality and best-in-class battery life, so you can enjoy music throughout the day, no matter where your legs are going.

By launching sneakers type push & pop Jabra brand gives a completely new meaning to the concept of “mobile sound technology”. The extremely efficient Jabra conference speakers are mounted on both sides of the sneakers. The speakers can be disconnected from the footwear and can be paired with each other by Bluetooth, when they are within 10 meters of each other, for stereo sound. Jabra Speaker SneakerThe loudspeakers combine a lightweight and comfortable design with battery capacity for up to 15 hours of operation. By placing sneakers equipped with speakers on a wireless Speaker Sneaker Foot Mat, you can get an additional 10 hours of music. This wireless charger in the form of a mat can also be used as a comfortable blanket to sit at the same time, for example during a picnic in the park or sunbathing on the beach or in the garden.

Jabra speakers provide streaming audio via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, allowing you to play music from your smartphone, tablet or via a home Internet connection. For those who use voice functions, the new product provides support for all major voice assistants. Thanks to this you will not only find out how long you will enjoy the sun in the park today, but also the easiest way to get there.

Music playback can be personalized using the equalizer available after registering in the Jabra application. What’s more, the new dance support function with an integrated accelerometer in shoes can be activated by sending small vibrations to the left or right foot based on the bits of the music being played. When wearing shoes, you can adjust the volume by touching the left foot. Jabra Speaker Sneakers are IP56 certified for protection against water and dust. In contrast, their highly shock-resistant design makes it possible to use them anywhere, anytime.

“Our Speaker Sneaker provides a completely new sound experience, also to true music lovers, and provides the best mobile solution available on the market. Designed to always have it with you – literally – the speaker is designed to be constantly in motion. it to a higher level while showing our commitment to the development of innovation. Turn your sneakers into a powerful jukebox and enjoy the summer of your favorite sounds and dictate fashion trends! Just do not make a fool of yourself – says Claus Fonnesbech, Head of Earned Media at Jabra.

Jabra Sneaker Speaker & Foot Mat – will be available in selected stores only April 1, 2018 in the suggested retail price of PLN 699.

Jokes with jokes, but I saw stupid devices that were actually created. Shoes look like every third project from Kickstarter … xD

… what if they really exist?

Source: Jabra

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