The Indian Chamber of Commerce is launching a mining training program bitcoin in 30 cities. The goal is to teach young people about cryptocurrency , technology Blockchain mining cryptocurrency and entrepreneurship


Dalit , Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( DICCI ) cooperates with entrepreneur and treasurer dr. Tausifem Malik, who is to help launch the training program in the field of mining bitcoin and others cryptocurrency in 30 cities.

DICCI is an industry association that promotes business ventures for Dalits , a specific minority caste in India, sometimes called a depressed class.

DICCI and Mahabfic create The world’s largest training program for BTC extraction , according to the announcement published in Times “. This program is aimed at Strengthening the position of the poor, especially the youth of the farming community, is to create a new economic development in these areas. Founder and president DICCI . Shri Milind Kamble , He said:

new technology Blockchain it is the future of development and conquering the world, and mining bitcoin and others cryptocurrency is a must. Therefore, we felt the need to offer young people on a national scale self-education programs in the field of BTC extraction and kryptowaluty ( BMTP ).

30 cities in India

BMTP will cover over 30 cities to allow young people to self-employment. These cities are: Pune . Mumbai . Junnar . Aurangabad . Latur . Nashik , Nagpur, Osmanabad . Hyderabad . Vijayawada . Bangalore , Chennai, Pondicherry . Cochin . Kolkata . Bhubaneswar . Jamshedpur . Bodh Gaya, Patna, Lucknow , Delhi, Jaipur . Varanasi , Bhopal, Indore . Raipur . Ranchi . Guwahati , Jammu and Chandigarh . The program is to start in May this year.