Sky Go: enjoy the Bundesliga, Champions League, films and co. Throughout the EU from 1 April

On Easter Sunday, the so-called EU Portability Regulation comes into force. As a result, users can use their online streaming services across the EU without hurdles. On the cut-off date, Sky will unlock the package for Sky Go, Sky Kids and Sky Ticket.

From 1 April use Sky Go, Sky Ticket and Sky Kids across the EU

While the TV streaming service has already turned the switch on a few weeks ago, Sky is releasing streaming within the EU punctually on April 1st.

This means that Sky customers will be able to view Sky content via Sky Go, Sky Kids and Sky Ticket throughout the European Union (EU) from Easter Sunday. Sky customers will never miss a live match of the Bundesliga or the UEFA Champions League on holiday or during their business trip.

This is made possible by the newly introduced EU Portability Regulation, which allows Sky customers to use their favorite streaming service not only in Germany and Austria, but also in all other EU member states, be it in the hotel room or on the beach.

To what extent you use Sky Go, Sky Kids or Sky Ticket, of course, you can answer only yourself. Whether you the whole thing on vacation or business trip is needed. We consider the new regulation as pleasant, which in our opinion offers only advantages.

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