Netflix is ​​preparing a documentary series about Formula 1

Already in 2019, thanks to Netflix, we’ll find out what happens in Formula One outside the track.

Netflix would like to prepare another documentary series about sport. This time, however, the streaming service will not take football for the workshop, but … Formula 1. Do you think that in the series we will see Robert Kubica?

The documentary series about Formula 1 is to consist of 10 episodes. One of his executive performances will be James Gay-Rees, who produced, for example, a documentary about Amy Winehouse – Amy.

The creators of the series will have “exclusive” access to drivers, team leaders and the league’s leaders themselves. Thanks to this we will be able to find out what is going on outside Formula One in Formula One. The premiere of the series should take place in early 2019.

Why Netflix decided to create such a series? Well, he is fighting a fierce battle with Amazon, which has its own exclusive sports programs. Netflix has no answer even at The Grand Tour of Amazon. Of course, the F1 series or the upcoming other motoring series – Fastest Car – will not replace this emptiness, but it is a step in the right direction.

Source: F1

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