BidiPass, a provider of Blockchain secure personal authentication system for physical and digital transactions, has joined forces with ICOBox, the main SaaS solution provider for ICO


In addition to the benefits that await consumers and credit institutions that register on the platform, it is important to improve the financial situation of the project. According to a report published in 2017. Through Research and Markets, the global mobile money market is expected to grow by over 38% and exceed 400 billion dollars up to 2025. ICOBox offers a comprehensive package of technical and legal services and marketing services for BidiPass .

Along with the evolution of digital technology, customers expect immediate satisfaction in their daily needs. This includes the ability to access your funds anywhere in the world using any device. At the same time, they want a safe and reliable system that will allow them to withdraw funds and make payments without having to carry innumerable credit and debit cards without having to remember passwords. The system is also intended to protect both identity and property.

Unfortunately, most banks and other financial institutions have not met these needs, through the controls imposed by governments and regulators since the global financial crisis of 1998, including restrictions on the movement of capital. In addition, banks operate on older systems that are burdensome and vulnerable to cyber attacks. In July 2017, the largest Italian bank, UniCredit, was hacked and users’ data from 400,000, accounts were stolen. Meanwhile, in December 2017, researchers from the University of Birmingham in the UK, using internal tools, identified a serious gap in banking applications offered by many banks, which makes it easier for hackers to set up an online account for a user. The BidiPass team, made up of renowned specialists from the banking and information technology sector, believes that he has found the answer to these problems.

The BidiPass platform offers a solution that will help all parties in settlements, enabling customers to immediately accept and giving financial service providers access to new customers and potential revenues. The solution consists of a quick response code (QR Code) and its own Bidicoin (BDP) token that will be used throughout the BidiPass ecosystem. Banking and financial applications are only a small part of the numerous online and offline applications offered by BidiPass. The BidiPass platform will help you minimize the risk of identity theft with BidiKey’s digital identity authentication system. The mobile user receives a unique two-dimensional code that contains the encrypted data as an encrypted session key that certifies the user’s service provider. The user’s mobile device captures the image of the code that is converted into a character code. The patented technology of the company for the personal authentication of mobile devices has been patented for use around the world. The potential value of this patent has been estimated in millions of dollars by the prestigious Clarke & Modet, Co.

As Fernando Albarrán, CEO of BidiPass, said, consumers will now be responsible: “BidiPass will facilitate trouble-free and secure financial transactions in a simple and quick way. At the same time, all clients on our platform will be able to manage all their data in one application and use a personal digital passport recognized by any institution joining the BidiPass network. By using our sophisticated technology, we can help financial institutions become more flexible and enjoy access to new sources of income without having to tinker with their older systems. In the new partnership, he adds: “BidiPass wants to move forward and receive advice from a team of ICO experts from ICOBox on how to develop our project to a higher level.”

“We like working on projects where the client is king” – comments co-founder of ICOBox, Nick Evdokimov. “Consumers are looking for an easy and safe way to make financial transactions. They appreciate the convenience of Blockchain, and BidiPass uses the power of this technology to give them what they want. ”