The cult series is back! Today, the premiere of Pizza Connection 3

Pizza Connection 3 is a new version of the cult series of economic strategies, in which players will once again be able to design a pizza and develop their gastronomic empire. The distributor of the game is CDP.

Pizza Connection 3 is an economic strategy game in which you play as the head of a small pizzeria. Our task will be to create new dishes as well as manage the restaurant. We start from one place, but the ultimate goal is to transform the business into an international gastronomic empire. Pizza Connection 3 is a PC-based economic strategy developed by Gentymad, released by Assemble Entertainment. Pizza Connection 3 Pizza Connection 3 offers players a story campaign consisting of twelve missions. We will start our adventure with business from a small place in Rome, and the aim will be to expand to the global market and set up networks in other cities and countries. On the way, we will play an employee at every level: cook, manager, president of the network.

Pizza Connection 3 In turn, the free play mode offers an alternative to a dynamic campaign. It will enable independent adjustment of a wide range of parameters, such as: initial budget, number of inhabitants, competition and much more. Players will also be convinced that creating a pizza empire is not just gastronomy, but the right logistics, marketing, destroying competition with deception and skilfully locating the restaurant.

Source: CDP

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