Apple relies increasingly on product placement in TV series

Already in recent years, Apple has placed its own products in various TV series and movies in order to produce devices, e.g. the iPhone, iPad and the Mac, to promote and draw attention to this. It seems Apple wants to step up this commitment.

Apple relies increasingly on product placement in TV series

For marketing purposes, Apple has repeatedly placed products in TV series and films in the past. Now this procedure should be expanded. As Variety Apple, for example, has housed various products in the Fox series “911”. Among other things, the actors rely on the iPhone. In the credits it says “promotional consideration sponsored by Apple”

Apple and Fox did not want to comment on the matter. OMD, an advertising agency that Apple regularly hires, said it had nothing to do with product placement.

The in-show placements are not necessary free – but they are cheaper than traditional TV commercials. And that frees Apple up to spend heavily in more obvious ways. Among 2016 and 2017 TV programs, Apple is the most on NBC’s “Sunday Night Football,” according to Kantar Media, a tracker of ad spending. Last season, the average cost of a 30-second ad in that show was $ 728,434, according to Variety’s annual survey of primetime ad prices.

The product placement in TV series and movies is probably cheaper for Apple than to switch to classic television advertising. In this way, the Apple products get in the hands of different celebrities, which also embodies a certain lifestyle.

Incidentally, Apple also works on a separate video streaming service and has already requested several TV series for this purpose. These are certainly also predominantly Apple products to see.

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