o2: iPhone 8 temporarily lowered in price

o2 temporarily lowers the price of the iPhone 8. Both the price in combination with the tariff o2 Free M as well as the Single price for the iPhone 8 without contract was lowered. The promotion is effective immediately and only until 03. April 2018.

Mega-March offer: iPhone 8 with no tariff

o2 customers or those who want to become one can look forward to it. In the promotional period from 16 March to 3 April, the combination of iPhone 8 (64 GB) and O2 Free M is the new best price. After a one-time payment of 49 euros for the iPhone, customers pay for the combination with the popular O2 Free M only 39.99 euros per month and thus get the perfect team for their mobile freedom. But the price for the iPhone 8 (64GB) is reduced in the same period.

The o2 Free M offers in our eyes a very good overall package. You will receive not only a telephone and SMS flat, EU roaming and a free landline phone number but also endless surfing and 10GB high-speed volume with LTE Max. The popular combination of o2 Free M and iPhone 8 64GB is another five monthly in the campaign period Euro cheaper than last month.

The top smartphone from Apple is there during the promotion period at o2 even without a contract for 673 euros instead of 799 euros RRP , The iPhone 8 (64 GB) is available via installments via o2 My Mobile.

Click here for the iPhone 8 at o2

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