China does not waste time and in many forms intensively prepare for the implementation of their great cosmic plans. Among them is of course a manned trip to the Red Planet, construction of bases and mines there.

That is why the government of the Middle Kingdom has just initiated a great experiment in which it will build a test mine so that scientists can better prepare themselves for the conditions prevailing on this still mysterious planet.

The object is to be built in the northwest of the country, on the Tibetan Plateau (in the province of Quinhai), because it is the geological area that is the closest to the conditions on Mars. The cost of the project is about 60 million dollars.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences envisages the construction of several buildings and the drilling of many wells in the ground. They will carry out various experiments in which the latest technological achievements will be used.

The Middle Kingdom intends to send its first rover to Mars in 2020. The date of the first manned mission is not yet known, but there are rumors that it will be around 2030.

Source: The Guardian / Photo CNSA / NewChina / Twitter