Apple Watch: Series 3 is the most widely used watch

Since autumn 2017, the Apple Watch 3 is on the market. Compared to the predecessor model, Apple has improved these points selectively (here our Apple Watch 3 test ). In particular the fact that one can order the Apple Watch 3 optionally with LTE chip is a clear added value. A recent evaluation shows that the adaptation of the Apple Watch 3 is rapidly increasing.

Apple Watch 3 is spreading more and more

With the original Apple Watch Apple has created the basis for the wrist, the Apple Watch 2 was already a significant improvement and with the Apple Watch 3 Apple has made in our opinion the biggest step since the original Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch 3 is significantly faster than its predecessors and the LTE capability a real win. David Smith , Developer of the Pedometer ++ app has focused on the analysis of its app with the spread of the Apple Watch. As expected, the Apple Watch 3 has performed very well since its launch in the fall.

Smith reports that the spread of the Apple Watch Series 3 has increased significantly, with 33 percent of its app users using the latest model. This makes the Apple Watch 3 the most widely used Apple Watch. On the other hand, the original Apple Watch has logically fallen into the favor of users.

Pedometer ++
Developer: Cross Forward Consulting, LLC
Price: Free +

In addition, Smith indicates that the Apple Watch 3 is the first Apple Watch that is fast enough for daily use. All functions (opening apps, changing dials, Siri etc.) would work much faster than the previous Apple Watches. And the LTE function would provide the appropriate freedom.

The developer hopes that Apple will discontinue support for the original Apple Watch with watchOS 5, as it would be costly to support the first Apple Watch.

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