YouTube app gets dark-fashion

After the dark fashion within the YouTube app about two months ago the first time showed , those responsible have now activated it for all users.

YouTube gives its iOS app a “dark design”

From now on you have the option to choose a dark design within the YouTube app for iOS. Is certainly a matter of taste, whether you like the light or the dark look better. At this point, we also add that the dark mode on the iPhone X can ensure that the battery life is extended. Black pixels need no power on the OLED display of the iPhone X and this has a positive effect on the battery life.

In order to use the Dark Mode of the YouTube app, you must click on the account icon in the top right corner of the app and then on Settings. Then you will find the new option “Dark Design” at the top. If this menu item does not appear yet, it may be helpful to close the app once completely.

Developer: Google, Inc.
Price: Free +

Incidentally, dark mode has been around for a while on the desktop in YouTube’s web view. To activate it, you must also click on the Konoto symbol in the top right corner. There you will find the option “Dark Design”.

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