That’s how A Way Out looks like – a cooperative escape from prison

Already next week, the market will debut A Way Out so one of them best promising games this spring . So far, we have not had too many opportunities to look at what the game looks like, but now there is quite a lot of material. By the way we got to know the length of the campaign.

Already completed A Way Out is an action-oriented action game in which players take control over convicts who plan and execute their escape from prison. The history of Leo and Vincent can go differently (making the game go through many times to make sense). This is also good news, because you will not have to spend too much time to get to know the story from the beginning to the end: just 6-8 hours.

What will this time be filled with? Above all, constantly running away and hiding from those who are to ensure that Leo and Vincent remain behind bars. Often it will be necessary to demonstrate the concept and tactical sense. The creators themselves call A Way Out “A series of short cooperative challenges” . See how it looks:

A Way Out – half an hour with a game (gameplay)

A Way Out will land on store shelves on March 23 in PC versions, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One .

Source: GameSpot

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