Tesla quietly raises charging prices – even twice!

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular, so this moment had to come sooner or later. Tesla significantly raises fees for using its fast Supercharger charging stations.

We owe the rapid development of the electric car market mainly to Elon Musek and his company Tesla Motors, which currently dictates a lot of automotive trends. The first Tesla customers are charging their cars at Supercharger stations for free today. The next, for some time, had to pay relatively little money for charging their vehicles. Now, Tesla, unexpectedly, raises prices at its stations.

The cost of using the Tesla Supercharger station has increased sharply in the United States. The price per 1 kilowatt hour in Oregon doubled from 12 to 24 cents. In the state of California, the increases were not as high and amounted to 6 cents (from 20 cents per kWh to 26 cents per kWh). Fast charging of electric cars at Supercharger stations is still cheap and seems to be insignificant, but the 100% increase works on the imagination. Price change is also a bucket of cold water poured on the heads of people who say that “refueling” of electric cars will always be cheap.

I am a fan of cars fueled with conventional fuels, but I am also keenly interested in the electric car market and its development. I have always been surprised by the hurraoptimism of people who believe that we will be able to drive “almost for free” or for half a day free of charge with electric cars. Increased demand for electricity or simply a sharp fall in state profits from the sale of conventional fuels (excise!) Will simply have to translate into an increase in energy charges. When we are all switched to electrics, we will have no choice but to pay for their charging – regardless of the amount.

The Tesla representative referred to the price increase in a short statement given to Electrek:

“From time to time, we change the prices of cars charging at Supercharger stations so that they are best suited to local electricity rates and its consumption.” Our main goal is to ensure that Supercharger stations always allow drivers to drive cheaper on electricity than on By raising prices, we also want to get back some of the money we have been interested in. At the same time, we would like to remind you that Supercharger stations will never be profitable for Tesla. ”

Source: Tesla, Electrek

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