Crypto-Mining: Apple removes Calendar 2 from the App Store

As MacRumors reported, Apple removed the App Calendar 2 from the Mac App Store because it had a crypto-miner integrated. Generating Crypto currency should give customers the opportunity to use premium features “for free”. Crypto-Mining, however, clearly violates Apple’s app store policies. Meanwhile, the developer Qbix has released a new version that offers no crypto function.

Crypto mining violates app store policies

Who wants to use the Mac software Calendar 2 with the full range of functions, must pay regular $ 18 or one US dollar a month. However, when it became public that Qbix had integrated a crypto-miner into the software, the confusion was huge. After all, the function in Calendar 2 was permanently active in the background. Whether the offer, that in return you can use the calendar app for free, was a fair balance, is to be doubted.

It’s not uncommon for developers to try new financing methods, but it was surprising that Apple had waved through the app. Should Apple actually tolerate crypto mining, we were threatened with a barrage of crypto apps.

Calendar 2
Calendar 2
Calendar 2
Developer: Qbix, Inc.
Price: Free +

New version one year for free

The aroused attention, however, quickly made sure that Apple had removed Calendar 2 from the App Store. The measure was justified by a violation of the guidelines of the digital marketplace. Qbix then quickly improved and removed the controversial feature from the software. In any case, the old version had been flawed, as company founder Gregory Magarshak explained. So a faulty mining framework made sure that the mining function was also active with paying customers. As the developer now announced via Twitter, offers the app for a year for free as a compensation.

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