Cheap shopping from China – 123 gadgets up to 100 PLN

In Chinese online stores there are so many interesting products at nice prices that it is hard to keep up with all offers. We have created a list of 123 interesting gadgets that you will buy for less than 100 zlotys!

Contrary to stereotypes, not only women like to shop. Gentlemen try to hide with their addiction, but they are usually bigger gadgets and tend to invent new shopping goals. For a long time shopping is so much more enjoyable that you can do it through the web, without leaving your home.

Chinese shopping is becoming more and more popular among Poles. And nothing strange! Prices are often fabulously low, and shipping is free. For quite a lot of money you can buy really many interesting, often unavailable in Poland, gadgets.

We have collected 123 interesting offers for you from probably the most popular and the most appreciated Chinese store Gearbest . Some may be a purchase in itself, others may accompany larger orders. At the beginning of the statement you will find cheaper items, at the end – more expensive. The list of 123 products can be also treated as a gift guide for various small occasions. 🙂

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Have you found nice items that are not in the list? Share them in the comments. Our list starts with many small, more or less useful accessories, but the farther you go into the forest … Clicking on the price results in moving directly to the offer.

1. A set of 3 Deli 2050 Mini knives Nożyk Deli 2050 Mini

Price: 2.69 dollars (about 9 zlotys)

2. Antistatic cleaner for motherboards and more Antystatyczny czyścik do płyt głównych i nie tylko

Nothing is as annoying as cleaning PCBs of graphics cards and motherboards. With this brush, the process is simple, quick and pleasant. Of course, the brush can also be used for cleaning other things.

Price: $ 0.81 (2.75 zlotys)

3. Non-slip car mat Antystatyczny czyścik do płyt głównych i nie tylko

Price: $ 0.45 (PLN 1.50)

4. Micro SD / TF SpedCrd USB 2.0 card reader Czytnik kart micro SD / TF SpedCrd USB 2.0

Price: 0.94 dollars (3.30 zlotys)

5. Universal pencil for removing car scratches CS-322 Uniwersalna kredka do likwidacji rys samochodowych CS-322

Price: $ 0.99 (PLN 3.30)

6. 3.5 – 3.5 mm jack cable with braided connector – perfect for AUX cars

Price: USD 0.79 (around PLN 2.85)

7. SEAGO SG – 915 sonic brush

SEAGO SG - 915

Price: USD 4.57 (about PLN 15.50)

8. Fingerless gloves for a bicycle, gym, etc. Rękawiczki bez palców na rower, siłownię, itp.

Price: 1.97 dollars (3.20 zlotys)

9. Keychain for finding keys

Key chain reacting to whistling, after attaching it to the keys, will allow you to quickly locate them.

Price: $ 0.99 (PLN 3.30)

10. Sticker for the toilet bowl. Naklejka na miskę toaletową


Price: 2.45 dollars (8.30 zlotys)

11. ORICO CBT – 1S reusable clamps for calibers Wielorazowe opaski zaciskowe do kalbi ORICO CBT - 1S

Are tangled cables annoyed? Or maybe you want to make order in your computer housing, thus lowering the working temperature of components and eliminating dust from some of its corners? Here’s the solution to the problem.

Price: 1.55 dollars (5 zlotys)

12. Snack forks Widelczyki do przekąsek ze zwierzętami

Perfect for a home!

Price: $ 1.94 (6.60 zlotys)

13. Egg yolk separator Separator żółtka od jajka

Price: 1.07 dollar (about 3.40 zlotys)

14. Tamagotchi 49in1 Tamagotchi 49w1

There are few people raised in the 90’s who did not play with Tamagotchi. With this toy, you can go on a sentimental journey to past times or present your children with what you’ve been enjoying in your youth. 🙂

Price: 1.96 dollars (6.70 zlotys)

15. Multitool ZANMAX 3101

Practical keys are never too much.

Price: 5.12 dollars (17.40 PLN)

16. Double car charger Podwójna ładowarka samochodowa

When fast charging is not needed, a car charger with 2.1 A and 1 A output comes in for help. Next you will find the more expensive Xiaomi.

Price: 1.16 dollars (3.90 zlotys)

17. 6-in-1 diminishing cube-clicker Odstresowująca kostka-klikacz 6w1

Popular gadget at a very low price. There is nothing to overpay.

Price: 2.41 dollars (8.20 zlotys)

18. Monopod / selfie stick Gocomma Z07 Monopod / selfie stick Gocomma Z07

Price: 3.93 dollars (13 zlotys)

19. Mini flashlight with CREE 3W Q5 diode (210 lumens) Mini latarka z diodą CREE 3W  Q5 (210 lumenów)

The flashlight has each of us on your smartphone, but certainly not about such brightness.

Price: 1.54 dollars (5 zlotys)

20. Knife + bottle opener Nóż + otwieracz do butelek

Price: 1.87 dollars (6 zlotys)

21. Banana shaped pencil case Piórnik w kształcie banana

Price: 1.85 dollars (6.70 zlotys)

22. Organizer kalbi ORICO CBS7 Organizer kalbi ORICO CBS7

Price: 1.96 dollars (6.70 zlotys)

23. Hand mixer NF – 016 Mikser ręczny NF - 016

Price: 1.85 dollars (6.70 zlotys)

24. Tripod for camera / smartphone Tripod dla aparatu/smartfona

Price: USD 3.27 (PLN 11)

25. The Fantech MP25 washer Podkładka Fantech MP25

Price: 2.47 dollars (about 7.60 zlotys)

26. Tripod for smartphone Tripod na smartfona

Price: 2.63 dollars (about 8.35 zlotys)

27. Digital kitchen thermometer for dishes Cyfrowy termometr kuchenny do potraw

A must for anyone who takes cooking seriously.

Price: 2.63 dollars (9.15 zlotys)

28. LED lamp that changes color

Price: $ 1.40 (5 zlotys)

29. USB 2.0 HUB for 4 devices HUB USB 2.0 dla 4 urządzeń

Do you have a laptop? Probably you often miss USB ports. This splitter offers the USB 2.0 standard, but for most people it will be enough.

Price: $ 2.98 (PLN 11)

30. Anti-slip socks Skarpetki antypoślizgowe

Price: USD 2.21 (PLN 8.50)

31. Car smartphone holder

Price: USD 4.13 (about PLN 14)

32. Pen Xiaomi Mijia 0.5mm Sign Pen Długopis Xiaomi Mijia 0.5mm Sign Pen

Must have every Xiaomi fan!

Price: $ 2.40 (PLN 9)

33. Portable Xiaomi LED lamp Przenośna lampka LED Xiaomi

Price: 4.99 dollars (16 zlotys)

34. Screwdriver 12 in 1 Śrubokręt 12 w 1

Price: 3.28 dollars (about 11 zlotys)

35. LED front position light for the bicycle Przednia lampka pozycyjna LED do roweru

There is no point counting on the strong beam of light and the lighting of the road, however it is a great gadget that improves the visibility of the bike on the road.

Price: 1.45 dollars (5 zlotys)

36. Classic NES USB controller Klasyczny kontroler NES na USB

Price: 8.73 dollars (29 zlotys)

37. Knife sharpener Ostrzałka do noży

Price: 3.66 dollars (13 zlotys)

38. Mascot to relieve stress Maskotka do rozładowywania

Price: 3.65 dollars (12 zlotys)

39. Mini vacuum cleaner for USB

Price: 2.92 dollars (about 13.50 zlotys)

40. Wired X3 5500DPI mouse

Price: 5.31 dollars (17 zlotys)

41. Unisex Anti-UV Polarized glasses “8-bit” Okulary “8-bitowe” unisex Anti-UV Polarized

(⌐ ͡ ■ ͜ʖ ͡ ■)

Price: 3.99 dollars (14.50 PLN)

42. Multitool 14in1 in the form of a card Multitool 14w1 w formie karty

Multitool that you can put in your wallet.

Price: USD 2.11 (PLN 7)



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