Today, the premiere of Wolfenstein II: Captain Wilkins’ feats

Reaching up after Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus rather, they do not regret the money spent. The game turned out to be very successful, so there are plenty of people willing to play with the accessories. Today, another of them debuted – Captain Wilkins’ Wings.

This is the third, after the Adventures of Joe’s Gunman and Agent’s Memoirs, Silent Death, a large extension of the studio’s production Machine Games . This time the main character is the veteran of the American army, Captain Gerald Wilkins, before whom a very difficult task was set.

“Smash enemies as US army captain, Gerald Wilkins! Since Manhattan was destroyed by a nuclear power plant, Wilkins remained in motion, but now he is returning home to destroy the worst weapon ever made with an old friend in history: the Solar Cannon. Catch for the givers, go to Alaska, fire the combat brace to gain an advantage during the infiltration of the fortified Kodiak island. Stop Operation Black Sun. Only you can defeat the criminal killers in the Chronicles of Freedom. ”

The add-on debuted on all target platforms of the game, namely PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It is part of the Season Pass.

Source: bethesda

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