The new Polish farm simulator – today the premiere of Pure Farming 2018

Today the game is making its debut on the market Pure Farming 2018 so the newest one simulator a farm that allows you to prove yourself as the owner of a farm in Italy, Colombia, Japan and the United States. What is worth emphasizing is this playing from Poland – from Ice Flames and Techland.

Pure Farming 2018 are fully licensed agricultural machines, three game modes adapted to different skill levels and numerous options: from field cultivation (plants characteristic for given regions), horticulture and greenhouses, through breeding of various animals, to the production of biomass. The creators also boast of a pleasing visual setting.

Pure Farming 2018 screen

The first reviews are mixed. On the one hand, the locations, crops and numerous flavors that make up a good whole are praised. On the other hand, you can hear complaints about machines that can and are licensed, but there are few of them and some technical failures. Perhaps the creators will manage to improve everything in the coming weeks, but for a title for 80 (for PC) or 130 PLN (for consoles) it is really good.

We leave the decision to you, and in the meantime, we encourage you to look at the premiere trailer:

Pure Farming 2018 – the premiere trailer of the game

Source: Techland, Ice Flames

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