Specter and Meltdown: Information about the vulnerabilities has long been known, but has been held back

At the beginning of the year, something announced that the computer industry should shake vigorously. With Specter and Meltdown reported two architecture-related CPU vulnerabilities, which represent a major security risk. Quick patches should plug the vulnerabilities, but easily is the mending not running. Meanwhile, the situation has calmed down and it slowly come to light backgrounds to the poor communication policy.

Security information was withheld

As Reuters Intel had first informed the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) of the Meltdown and Specter vulnerabilities when the first bulletins on the Internet leaked out. This has now been the survey of some US technology companies, which include Apple and Microsoft. For example, Microsoft said they were being notified of the vulnerabilities a few weeks before the official announcement. With this information, the software vendors should get a head start to develop patches. As AMD explained, Google has even exerted great pressure in the run-up to make the findings public as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, the security updates can only ward off the known attacks. New attack vectors based on Specter and Meltdown remain accessible, researchers recently noted. Thus, the hardware and software manufacturers continue to work on new solutions.

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