Satisfactory is a new game created by Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator or as you prefer Goat simulator gained a surprisingly large popularity. This is the most recognizable project of the Coffee Stain Studios team, which is preparing something new for the players. It is difficult to say what exactly, however.

A new game called Satisfactory has been announced. Even the first trailer has been published, but it does not reveal what kind of production we should expect. The field for guesses seems big, not only because of the content of the video material, but also the logo of the game itself. As always, how many people have so many ideas.

Satisfactory already has official website , but we will not find out anything from the first entry of the creators. Nothing concerning the game, because the information worth noting is the fact that in May alpha tests are to start, and the entries to them are already under way.

One can assume that Coffee Stain Studios will reveal any details in the coming weeks. What ideas do you have about what to expect here?

Source: Coffee Stain

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