o2 Prepaid: New Allnet Flat tariff and more data (from 20 March)

o2 upgrades its prepaid tariffs. On the one hand, customers will benefit from additional data volumes for the same price starting on March 20, and, on the other, the o2 My Prepaid L will be added to the tariff portfolio.

o2 Prepaid: More data volume for the same price

Users of O2 Smart Prepaid plans get more data power at the same price. For customers who frequently use their smartphone but still want to remain flexible, the O2 Smart 600 is just the right fare. It doubles its data volume to 3 GB for 14.99 euros and offers 600 inclusive units in all German networks.2) The starter tariff Smart 300 now comes with 1.5 GB instead of 1.25 GB and still 300 inclusive units in all German networks for the previous price of 9.99 euros.2) In both tariffs, calls and SMS within the O2 network are still unlimited included.

New: O2 My Prepaid L

In addition, o2 launches the new tariff O2 My Prepaid L. With this, o2 meets the desire of many customers to offer a prepaid tariff with significantly more data volume. The O2 My Prepaid L not only offers telephone and SMS flat rates as well as EU roaming, but also 5GB highspeed volume with LTE Max. For this tariff, 24,99 Euro per 4 weeks are due.

If the data volume in the various tariffs is not enough for you, you can upgrade it. Data Pack S with 400MB costs 2.99 Euro, Data Pack M with 800MB 5.99 Euro, Data Pack L with 2GB 9.99 Euro and the Data Pack XL with 4GB 19.99 Euro.

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