Lawsuit: Patent Administrator Requires Damages and Prohibition of Hardware with Siri Integration

The previously inconspicuous patent administrator Portal Communications has sued Apple for damages. The subject of the dispute is the language assistant Siri. For the implementation allegedly, Apple allegedly infringed several patents, which prompted Portal Communication to call for a temporary ban on the sale of all devices with a Siri integration.

Damages and sales stop required

iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac and HomePod – Siri can be found in almost every device from Apple, which makes the current patent lawsuit seem quite explosive. After all, Portal Communications is calling for a US sales stop for Apple hardware using Siri. At least until the dispute is resolved. Above all, however, is a claim for damages in an undefined amount.

Among other things, the patents in question describe how verbal language is converted into text and subsequently processed. Furthermore, a protected technology for voice and location-based requests from Apple has been used without having paid royalties. Portal Communications acquired the related patent rights earlier this year, with developer Dave Bernard having filed for patents in 2005.

Next month, a Texas court will decide whether to pay damages to the plaintiff or whether a stop is appropriate. Apple has not yet commented on the lawsuit. ( via AppleInsider )

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