Houses from a 3D printer – for a few thousand dollars, ready in less than a day

Extremely comfortable sneakers . color-changing jewelry . human organs whether tasty pizza it’s not everything you can create with help 3D printers . We have already seen the show “House” built in this way but Icon has gone one step further.

During SXSW, the Texan company Icon (along with New Story) presented their way to print in a 3D house that is habitable. Currently, for the “construction” of a house with an area of ​​approximately 60-70 square meters needs 10,000 dollars and 24 hours, and in time both these numbers are to be reduced: up to $ 4,000 and only 6 hours.

How it’s working? Vulcan printer (massive, but portable) creates a house layer by layer, using a non-standard concrete mix with a short hardening time. When the walls are ready, the rest is done by the New Story team: it installs windows and wooden roof and connects electricity and water – all this takes less than a day. In the future, also this second stage is to be automated – using robots and drones.

Icon owners boast that in the United States this house (with a living room, bedroom, bathroom and veranda) was officially recognized by officers as habitable. Now they are planning to build around 100 apartments in El Salvador and another in Bolivia and Haiti. Cheap homes are needed – according to the World Resources Institute, today, over one billion people in the world do not have the right living conditions.

Icon and New Story – home from a 3D printer

Source: Quartz, The Verge. Photo: Icon

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