Gadu-Gadu has a new, Polish owner

There is not much left of the former popularity of Gadu-Gadu – first creators of this communicator they made the users off their own (making it a loaded harvester), and later came Facebook and his Messenger, which was a force that could not be competed. Today, the US application is disliked for the same, for what GG years ago, what for the latter can be a big chance. A chance that wants to use. is the new owner of GG

What you need to know about is that it is a native enterprise in the Internet transfer sector – primarily between Great Britain and Poland. In the future, he wants to provide his service in as many countries as possible, and in this expansion Gadu-Gadu is helping.

The company bought the entire GG platform, that is first of all the messenger (along with its characteristic logo), but also all related services. She wants to use what she bought now to “Implementation of innovative fintech services” , as its vice-president, Roman Remus, said.

“This is the beginning of the process of moving the service back to Poland and preparing completely new functions for users” – announces

Gadu-Gadu from hand to hand

The first, created by Łukasz Foltyn, version of Messenger Gadu-Gadu appeared in August 2000, and years ago she could boast of 6 million real users. Due to the changing market and growing competition, the brand had to be sold to the Naspers group (the same one to which Allegro had until recently).

For the past three years, Xevin Consulting Limited has been the owner of Gadu-Gadu, but also wants to sell the communicator. Last year, it seemed that the buyer would be Sare, but the decision was finally made to withdraw from the purchase. It is not known how much paid for GG.

Source: Business Insider, Romek Remus on LinkedIn. Illustration: Gadu-Gadu

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