ASUS Blue Cave – a design router now available for sale

ASUS has launched Blue Cave for sale. The new device shows that you can create an efficient and functional router that will stand out with its modern design.

Blue Cave was created for high performance and designed in a really elegant style. The device is based on a two-band design (4×4), thanks to which it offers Wi-Fi bandwidth even at the level of 2600 Mb / s (the producer boasts up to 28% higher bandwidth than other AC2600 models). Four Gigabit LAN sockets are provided on the casing as well as a USB 3.0 port.

The device is based on a specially designed printed circuit board (half the size of the normal PCB used in 4×4 routers), while special cooling devices with a graphene coating were used to cool the components. Inside, there are also four antennas – three vertical and one horizontal, which ensure the best possible signal quality in all directions.

ASUS Blue Cave router

ASUS Blue Cave also allows you to track the intensity of Internet use and to set the availability and maximum time of use of the application for each user. The parental control feature allows you to block access to mobile applications and websites of a specific category – and apply the same settings on all devices of a given family member – while allowing access to the rest of the Internet resources

ASUS Blue Cave router

However, this is not the end of the revelation, because Blue Cave supports the services of IFTTT and Amazon Alex, so you can easily integrate it into your smart home system and facilitate your everyday life. For example, a user can tell Alexa to turn off Wi-Fi during a family dinner to avoid distractions. You can also use IFTTT to get an automatic e-mail notification whenever your kids return home.

ASUS Router - aplikacja

To manage your home network, you can use a web browser – the ASUSWRT’s intuitive user interface allows you to control all functions and settings of the Blue Cave router. In addition, the ASUS Router mobile application is provided, which includes options for controlling all the most important functions and gives an overview of the current situation on the network (it is available for devices operating under Android and iOS).

ASUS Blue Cave was already presented last year, but only recently has it been sold – prices are on the level PLN 999 . Take a look at the router presentation.

Source: ASUS, inf. own

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