Apple’s contract manufacturer Wistron receives approval for a new factory in India

As 9to5Mac The contract manufacturer Wistron has received approval to build a new plant in India. The expansion of the production facility near the Bengaluru Technology Center could mean expanding iPhone assembly in the country.

Advanced iPhone production in India

The expansion of Wistron is already longer in conversation , Wistron is currently producing the iPhone SE in India for Apple. Rumors say that soon the iPhone 6S will be produced in the country. For this, however, it is necessary that Wistron increases its production capacity. This should be done with the now approved production plant.

In total, Wistron will invest $ 105 million in the expansion to meet the required production volume. Apple will probably become one of the largest customers. For example, Apple has been trying for some time to increase its still poor smartphone market share of three percent in India. However, this can only be achieved with local production, since import tariffs would otherwise prevent competitive pricing.

In India, the cheap brands govern the sales charts and therefore it is important to offer competitive equipment at a great price. With the iPhone 6S Apple may have just the right candidate, which could be sent soon thanks to Wistron in the Indian race.

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