Inno3D presents P102-100 – the most efficient card for cryptocurrency excavators

Cryptocurrency excavators they enjoy unflagging interest, so manufacturers prepare special versions of accelerators. The Inno3D company is planning to release the P102-100 model, which is to be the most efficient of its kind on the market.

P102-100 is another graphics card for cryptocurrency excavators (previously weaker models P104-100, P106-100 and P106-090 appeared in the manufacturer’s offer). The Nvidia Pascal GP102 core with 3200 CUDAs clocked at 1582 MHz and 5 GB GDDR5X 320-bit memory with an effective frequency of 11,000 MHz was on board.

The producer boasts great efficiency when digging cryptocurrency:

  • Ethereum – ~ 47 MH / s
  • Zcash – ~ 660 sol / s
  • Monero – ~ 879 H / s

It is worth noting, however, that P102-100 is an accelerator designed typically for cryptocurrency excavators. The card was devoid of video outputs, and for cooling, a 2-slot Twin 2X cooler with two solid fans and five heat pipes was used. The maximum power consumption is estimated at 250 W, and two 8-pin power plugs are required for operation.

The manufacturer has not yet disclosed the price of the P102-100 model. You can, however, suspect that it will be cheaper than the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (offering similar performance when digging crypts).

Source: Crypto Mining Blog

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