Apple Music has 38 million subscribers

From time to time, Apple will make brief statements about how many subscribers the on-premises music streaming service Apple Music recorded. Today is again one of those days and Apple’s senior vice president has confirmed that Apple Music has 38 million paying subscribers.

38 million Apple Music subscribers

Today, Eddy Cue was an interview partner at the SXSW conference. There, the Apple manager was interviewed by Dylan Byers (CNN). The conversation was about all sorts of topics. Among other things, Cue announced how many subscribers Apple Music now waived.

Eddy Cue confirmed that 38 million paying subscribers now rely on the Apple Music Streaming Service. In addition, there are 8 million users who are currently using the free 3-month trial period.

Most recently, Apple commented on the topic in early February. At this time the service booked 36 million subscribers , In just over a month, Apple was able to win over 2 million new Apple Music subscribers.

A few days ago and in connection with the planned IPO, Spotify announced that the company to 71 million paying subscribers and a total of 159 million active users. In addition to a paid subscription, Spotify also offers a promotional and free Spotify Free.

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