This is a unique time-lapse movie showing the process of the formation of the Universe and Earth

Although we could not admire the process of the birth and evolution of the Universe, there were a lot of movies that show what it looked like. The one that has recently appeared on YouTube is probably the best of them all. See for yourself!

A few days ago a very interesting video video appeared on the Internet, which shows the whole process of the formation and evolution of the universe, from its beginning, the Big Bang, up to now. I do not know if I’ve ever seen a better movie on YouTube. It’s really worth to watch it.

The author of this video is John Boswell, or melodysheep, who very often creates this type of material (a few of which we have placed below). In the latest timelapse you will hear, for example, Brian Cox, Carl Sagan or David Attenbotough.

Each second in the film represents 22 million years. As it progresses, Boswell explains the evolution of the universe, from first stars to galaxies to black holes to supernovae. The sun appears only in the 6th minute of the film, while the man appears in the fraction of his last second. This shows how small we are in the Universe.

Source: YouTube

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