According to experts on horse show horses, El Rey Magnum is the most beautiful and the world’s best horse. The horse has a very distinctive appearance. It has maximally widened nostrils and widely spaced eyes.

Although it may look very unnatural for an age, it is the large and expanded nostrils that characterize Arabian horses. Thanks to them, horses can breathe better in a dry desert environment, which makes them extremely durable.

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El Rey Magnum was created on the road of extremely selective breeding. Many accuse the owners of a horse from a farm in Ellensburg in the US that such treatments may negatively affect the health of these animals.

“I think that most people who criticize us, do not breed horses at all, have no idea about them and can not understand it.” – in this way repulsed the attack, the representatives were raised from the United States.

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El Rey Magnum and the entire Orrion Farms farm in Ellensburg enjoys great interest among Arab sheiks, who also think that this horse is synonymous with beauty and perfection. And what do you think about Magnum?

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