It was known that Disney he will want to squeeze from Star wars as much as you can, but hardly anyone expected show in this world. But it turns out that such a series is to be created, and it will be created by just anyone – Jon Favreau that is, the man from whom, in principle, Marvel’s horrific box-office universe began (he was the director of the first two parts of Iron Man).

According to Lucasfilm, Favreau is to be the executive producer and writer of a brand new series of Star Wars, which is to debut on the new digital platform, with the help of which Disney will want to fight with Netflix.

For Favreau, it will not be the first professional contact with Star Wars – he has already played in the animated Clone Wars, and will also appear on the screen in Solo: Star Wars – Stories, which premiere is planned for May this year.

We are waiting for further news – today’s series give creators a much more powerful platform for telling interesting, immersive stories than even the longest cinema films. This can then be another big step forward for the entire universe.

Source: Star Wars , Photo: Lucasfilm