Corsair refreshes the RM750x and RM850x power supplies – the same specification, smaller housing

Corsair RM750x and RM850x these are one of the best power supplies for more powerful computers. It is worth noting, however, that recently the manufacturer introduced their new revisions. How do they differ and how can they be recognized?

The new models offer unchanged specifications, so customers should not feel the difference. We are still dealing with a modern structure based on Japanese capacitors, which guarantees high energy efficiency with the 80 PLUS Gold certificate.

A 135mm fan operating in semi-passive mode was used to cool the components, and the available wiring is long and completely modular (it offers the same set of plugs).

Corsair RM850x i RM850x 2018

The length of the power supplies has changed – new revisions are 160 mm instead of 180 mm, so they will be useful when building smaller computers (earlier versions may not be compatible with smaller enclosures).

New revisions are already available for sale, and the easiest way to recognize them is with a code mark – in the RM750x version it is CP-9020179-EU (instead of CP-9020092-EU), and in the version RM850x CP-9020180-EU (instead of CP-9020093 -EU). Other RMx series models remained unchanged.

Source: Corsair

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