World of Tanks opens for fashion, and version 1.0 is getting closer

As previously announced, yet in March, World of Tanks 1.0 will debut . A big update will bring an improved visual setting (thanks to the CORE engine), a refreshed soundtrack and better optimization (which is appreciated by the owners of weaker PCs). Wargaming it has been allowing players for some time test the computer to check what they can count on. Meanwhile…

Pending the appearance of updates, players can install something else, namely: modifications . Wargaming has launched the official Mods Center, in which there are only verified packages – free of major errors, neutral for the game and simply allowed. Using them you can be sure that the game will not refuse to obey, as well as that you will not get ban.

This announcement was received very warmly – virtual tankers were waiting for such a platform, and its implementation does not leave much to be desired. You can find out about it yourself, by visiting the Mods Center .

Meanwhile, let’s go back to graphic changes for a moment. On the World of Tanks Polska channel, an interesting video material (the first in the series) appeared, bringing closer the evolution of this popular MMO game. If you have several minutes, be sure to take a look:

Source: Wargaming

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