This is the first hotel in Europe controlled by a guest smartphone

The first hotel in Europe controlled by a guest smartphone was opened today in Hungary, in Budapest at Nyár street.

40 rooms in the 4-star KViHotel are controlled using the TMRW Hotels application. Thanks to the apki, the hotel literally puts the control in the hands of guests, from the time of booking to the moment of leaving the hotel. The software can be used in both new and existing hotels, and the application is currently awaiting the grant of a patent.

After two years of developing technology and programming, the first hotel in Europe, the 4-star KViHotel fully controlled by a smartphone, was made available to guests today in Budapest. KViHotel (Key Vision, coming from ‘Vision for the Future’ – vision of the future) is located at Nyár street 32,
in district 7 and operates practically without hotel service thanks to the TMRW Hotels application. Almost all services are managed directly by guests using their own mobile devices. KViHotel Thanks to the TMRW Hotels application, available on both Android and iOS devices, hotel guests can handle virtually all services with a single button: reserve rooms, register in a hotel without a queue, even 48 hours before arrival, choose the floor on which they will be stay overnight or a specific room.

Thanks to the use of a Bluetooth connection, the traveler’s smartphone is at the same time a key to the hotel’s room, and in the case of late arrival at the hotel also to the main entrance to the hotel. The application also allows you to set the temperature in the room, even from a distance of 10,000 km.

An additional cleaning service and a “Do Not Disturb” request or ordering a taxi can also be arranged remotely. Payment is made in the application, and the whole process can be constantly monitored – the bill is sent to the application and to the e-mail address provided. When leaving the hotel, there is no need for hotel service, which shortens the check-out procedure. For now, card payment is available, and soon also by PayPal.

To be able to do the above, the hotel provides free Wi-Fi. Technical support is provided 24 hours a day – regardless of where the guest is staying – via social media: Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype, iMessage etc. Additional help is also available via the hotline. Where required by local regulations, the application may require the submission of personal data, a passport or proof scan or an electronic signature needed when leaving the hotel. The process is carried out while maintaining the principles of personal data protection. KViHotel The TMRW application simplifies the hotel’s duties: cleaning staff receive a list of tasks directly on their smartphones, and the system assigns tasks via a special algorithm. The room the guest arrives in on a given day receives a high priority, and when he leaves, he is cleaned up immediately thanks to an immediate notification in the system. The newly arrived guest receives a notification about the possibility of moving in as soon as the room is ready.

The rooms are dominated by anthracite and yellow and blue with greenery. Guests can book three types of rooms, from 18 to 36 m in size 2 : superior, deluxe and junior. The decor of the rooms is a three-layer glass wall creating spatial illumination. Three rooms on the terrace level have a view of the courtyard. An additional attraction “includes” the rear painting of the facade of the building visible from the terrace: using the LARA AR application, the wall comes alive and displays a video explaining … the principles of the TMRW Hotels application. KViHotel The TMRW Hotels application and the new hotel concept of the company will not end up at one hotel, and the company does not develop solutions only for hotels. Its creators want the application to become the basic IT tool for European hotels and that this digital solution will help to offer better services to clients both in hotels already operating and those that are just being built, as well as permanently and significantly reducing operating costs.

TMRW develops five versions of the application: TMRW Hotels simplifying and offering digital solutions for hotels, TMRW Hostels – for hostels, TMRW Apartments – for apartments and TMRW Offices – for office buildings, which allows to optimize management and reduce operational costs, while TMRW HK (z ang. housekeeping ) helps to better plan the maintenance of dining and residential premises.

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