Vodafone tests eSIM for the Apple Watch 3

When Apple released the Apple Watch 3 last autumn, the joy was great as the smartwatch can be ordered with an optional mobile phone chip. However, so far only the Telekom offers an eSIM for the Apple Watch. However, this could change soon, Vodafone also tests an eSIM for the Apple Watch 3.

Vodafone tests eSIM for the Apple Watch 3

Shortly after the launch of the Apple Watch 3, we received two statements from o2 and Vodafone. You can do this read here in the spell , In short, o2 said it will not support the eSIM technology used to connect the Apple Watch Series 3 to the mobile network. Vodafone wanted to watch the market first and should find that the demand for Apple Watches and eSIM significantly increases, you will re-examine the marketing.

Recent months have shown that the Apple Watch 3 sells very well. This has also been recognized by Vodafone and confirmed via Twitter that they are currently testing eSIM for the Apple Watch 3.

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