Star Wars: Last Jedi – look at the special effects from behind the scenes

Not all fans Star Wars he liked the newest one movie from the cycle, i.e. Star Wars: The Last Jedi but even if some issues can be criticized, it is hard to underestimate the aesthetic value of this production. The fathers of this success are, among others, members of the ILM team, who have now decided to show how it was with these special effects.

For the special effects in the Last Jedi, the ILM team received a handful of nominations, similarly as before, on the occasion of Rogue 1. They can be pleasantly liked in both films. New video materials allow you to look at them “from the kitchen” – see how they were imposed on what director Rian Johnson achieved on the set.

On the clips, we can see, among other things, the first part of the cosmic battle that has been pulled open to the film. We can also take a look at the creation of a hangar or a character and many other impressive scenes. Words, however, in words, see for yourself:

Special effects in the movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Source: The Verge, ILMVisualFx

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