How much will it cost to repair Samsung Galaxy S9?

At the still last MWC in Barcelona, ​​Samsung showed its latest flagship smartphone – Galaxy S9. We decided to check how much it can cost to repair the most common defects.

Samsung Galaxy S9 it is not a revolution but an evolution towards the previous flagship of the company – the S8 model. It has not really changed much, but the corrections will probably be noticed during everyday use. The most important of them are even thinner frames around the screen, changing the location of the fingerprint reader, a new camera and stereo speakers.

Due to the external similarity to the S8 model, it can be assumed that the new Samsung Galaxy series will also be similarly built inside. It is worth recalling here that iFixit assessed the ease of repairing the S8 model at 4 points on a 10-point scale (where 10 means the easiest repair). The biggest difficulty, according to iFixit, was the opening of the casing and disassembly of the screen module. The bent AMOLED display was glued to the body very firmly.

How much does the Samsung Galaxy S9 repair cost?

The most frequently repaired component of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 will certainly be its display. The so-called. screen-to-body ratio (in other words, the ratio of the screen surface to the surface of the entire front panel) is approximately 83.5% in his case. The side edges are curved, which will additionally make it difficult to reframe the screen. Replacement of a complete screen module that solves a problem with a broken glass, a broken touch and a damaged display should cost about PLN 1299.

Another, often replaced element of the housing will be the rear flap, made of Corning Gorilla Glass 5. It is resistant to scratches, but at the same time quite fragile. Cracks on the flap can occur even after falling from a small height. The protruding camera lens is also a quite sensitive place. Replacing the damaged flap (also containing the camera’s protective glass) should cost about PLN 269.

Let’s go to the battery – the cell installed in the S9 has a capacity of 3000 mAh – identical to that of last year’s predecessor. When it comes to its use, self-exchange can cause a lot of difficulties. The first one will be opening the device’s housing, and the second one will carefully unstick the battery from the body. The exchange should cost about PLN 259.

The prices listed below have been calculated based on the current costs of repairing similar defects in the Samsung Galaxy S8 model at

The high price of the latest solutions

Samsung Galaxy S9 will be available for sale from March 16. The suggested pre-sale price is PLN 3599 – about PLN 100 more than the launch of the Galaxy S8. Last year, a traditional manufacturer’s guarantee, which did not include mechanical display damage, could be extended. Most probably, such insurance can also be purchased for the S9 model.

The Guard S8 + program provided an additional, third year warranty, an express door-to-door service and a one-time free replacement of the display in case of mechanical damage. Users who did not purchase adequate insurance had to reckon with high repair costs in the event of mechanical defects.

“The relatively high repair costs of the Samsung Galaxy S9 result from the solutions and technologies used in it” – said Piotr Pachota from the site . “For example, take a curved screen on both sides – due to its construction, it is very difficult to repair it. In many cases, refabrication of the display, i.e. replacement of only a broken glass, is not possible and it is necessary to replace the complete screen module. ” – added.

Source: GoRepair

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