New iPhone X commercial is promoting selfies with the help of Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is undoubtedly one of the most important heavyweight boxers. The elders will surely remember several legendary boxing matches of the American. Now Apple is in a recent iPhone X commercial on a short poem by Muhammad Ali.

Muhammad Ali accompanies iPhone X commercial

“I am the greatest”. You have certainly heard this statement a few times in relation to Muhammad Ali. The Box-Champ liked to call himself “the greatest”. Now Apple is putting on a short speech by Muhammad Ali in his latest iPhone X commercial. This uses Apple to advertise the iPhone X camera and the selfie function.

Already since the launch of the iPhone X, Apple has repeatedly advertised the camera system of the device. This continues now. This time selfies are the focus. In the background you can hear the voice of Muhammad Ali and a short poem by the boxer. Fittingly, Apple shows various selfies, which were taken with the iPhone X.

In June 2016, Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. “left us”. To commemorate the Box Champ, Apple has temporarily adapted a website and a portrait of the US boxer shown.

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