Gen-Z – is the successor to the PCI-Express standard?

The standard PCI-Express 3.0 has already settled in our computers for good, but will soon be replaced by PCI-Express 4.0 (and later PCI-Express 5.0 ). Some, however, think that the pace of standard development is too slow, and in addition it does not meet new market expectations. The solution to this problem is to be a completely new Gen-Z standard.

Gen-Z is an open standard developed by a consortium of several dozen companies. Among them are such brands as: AMD, ARM, Broadcom, Cray, Dell EMC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Micron, Samsung, SK Hynix and Qualcomm. However, two other giants of the computer industry are missing – Intel and Nvidia (perhaps due to the fact that the standard is open).



The new standard is intended for communication of key computer components: a processor, a graphics card, an SSD disk or even RAM. Noteworthy is the use of the same connector, which is to provide much higher bandwidth and lower latency to PCI Express. As a result, it will also reduce the production costs of components.

The Gen-Z specification version 1.0 has just been published. When will the first products using the new standard appear? This is not yet known. You can, however, suspect that at the beginning it will be used in server solutions (especially that recent years have brought here the development of areas requiring really large bandwidth).

Source: Guru3D, Gen-Z

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