Elon Musk resigns from the position in the OpenAI group, which he helped create

Elon Musk he said recently that artificial intelligence is fundamental a threat to the existence of human civilization . Speaking this, he stressed once again that he is in favor of the development of such technologies, but he should be properly regulated. In order to secure the future, he even helped create the OpenAI group and invested a lot in it, but now he has decided to leave its management.

However, it is not that Musk has ceased to be interested in the IS, or he considers his fight for regulations to be finished. The visionary decided to leave the board of his research-scientific organization due to potential conflicts related to the projects run by Tesla. His automotive company is looking for a way to improve Autopilot, an autonomous driving system in artificial intelligence, and – as many indicate it – the stage is already very advanced.

Elon Musk will be watching over the research and development work at Tesla, and OpenAI – it functioned as before. The group aims to find ways to use artificial intelligence to bring practical benefits to all humanity. Interestingly, Musk will not stop financially supporting this project. It can be assumed that he will not stop publicly discussing the threats related to IS development.

So you can only wish good luck to one and the other team.

Source: Fortune

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