Apple Pay in Germany: Announcement this week?

Will Apple Pay start in Germany soon? Or. will Apple’s mobile payment service be announced at least shortly for Germany? The thought of it is too good to be true.

Will Apple announce Apple Pay for Germany soon?

And every day the marmot greets. Since the launch of Apple Pay in the US, we have read quite a few rumors about the Apple Pay Start in Germany. Therefore, we are now a little reserved with our euphoria when there are new rumors about Apple Pay in Germany.

Today we want you on one thread in the Macrumors Forum draw attention, If you believe the information of an “insider” called sunny2k1 so Apple Pay for Germany could be announced in a timely manner. As a possible date, the announcement of the Apple quarterly figures could be speculated. This will take place on the 1st of February. Apple could then take the conference call as an opportunity to announce the payment service for Germany.

Sun sunny2k1 indicates that the German Apple Pay Engine with iOS 11.2.5 has received a major update. This could have happened in view of the fact that Apple is interested in using EC card in this country for Apple Pay. Credit cards that are usually used with Apple Pay are simply less common in Germany. For example, iOS 11.2.5 should have an identifier for Sparkassen EC cards and credit cards. In the course of the discussion, the Deutsche Bank, N26 and Boon are repeatedly mentioned as banks, which are on board for the Apple Pay start.

To date, Apple has deducted a fee per Apple Pay transaction. This could be different in this country. It is said that Apple does not get paid per transaction, but gets a small share in it when a user activates a card for Apple Pay. Transaction fees are not allowed in this country.

A healthy skepticism is in every case announced. Too many rumors have we read in recent years in this matter. Of course we would be happy about Apple Pay in Germany. As long as Apple has not officially announced the service, the “rockets” are not yet ignited.

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