Twitch against boobie streamers! The end with scantily clad streamers

Twitch turns slowly from a strictly gaming site into a webcam service for girls who want to earn some extra money by showing their charms online. Finally, it was decided to take appropriate action, which will put an end to it!

If you know the Twitch service, you know very well that the number of scantily clad women in front of webcams has been increasing for a long time. “Problem” has intensified since the introduction of the section ” IRL “where everyone can stream almost anything, if you get there for the first time, you may have the impression that you have landed on the page with the snatchers.

A few days ago, Twitch decided to update its guidelines regarding the materials published on the website, which will come into force on February 19. There were, unfortunately, out of focus phrases, by which the boobie streamers can still make quite a profit from naive teenagers who are willing to pay to “slur” the woman with the bust on top.

Twitch requires the outfit to match the situation and context of the recording. This means that we should not see more bikini swimmers playing LoLa, at least in theory. Twitch’s moderators will control streams and evaluate:

– streamer’s outfit
– surroundings, or the streamer’s room
– music being played
– graphics displayed during transmission
– framing (!) cameras (end of frames under the title of bust)
– props used
– level of interaction with viewers
– streamer behavior

Negative rating of one of the above may lead to blocking the account on the site. So it seems that the so-called “boobie streamers” will finally move where they belong. You-know-where.

Twitch has always been a platform only for streaming games from various games. The most-watched broadcasts are always official transmissions of eSports organizations, popular players (both professionals and amateurs) and of course … women who often tempt with their skimpy clothing. Tracking the game began to go down in the second place, and the attention of viewers was increasingly focused on the deep neckline or the surprisingly short skirt of the streamer. And no wonder – they took care to always show off their best side. The women aware of how to draw the attention of the guys swayed the possibility of easy profit and more often did not even sit in front of their computers, and they were captivated to the viewers in front of the cameras – dancing, singing and doing other … strange things. Of course, such action was contrary to the site regulations, and Twitch took up the fight with him, banning selected accounts of entrepreneurial girls.

Twitch, however, could not completely disregard the developers generating quite a significant movement, so … the Twitch administration decided to separate the In Real Life section in which materials unrelated to games can be hosted. It was there that many girls got the perfect awareness of how much they can earn with their bodies on the adventurous teenagers (and often also older viewers). Some transmissions resemble something that can be called a soft porn in a friendly version for showing people under 18 years of age.

The creators of valuable materials on Twitch were dissatisfied with such a turn of events. They accused the administration of the service that they exchanged a liked platform in the trash, the function of which became unclear. Originally, it was a place for lovers of games, and now more and more often resembles a page with women’s sex slips. Suffice it to say that many of Twitch’s “stars” began to promote … their sexual services in profile descriptions, as well as sell disassembled photos in exchange for subsidies. The service in the reaction gave away short-lived bans, and the women referred to after unbaning account slightly masked.

The funniest thing about all of this is that in Twitch’s regulations, like a bull, there was always a ban on presenting nudity and sexual behavior … We hope that the new guidelines will get rid of “enterprising ladies” where they belong.

Source: inf. own, Twitch , YouTube, BBC

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